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Crownview, Wollongong

Hydraulic Jacking & Structural Strengthening Project

During the construction phase of this project it was identified that additional strengthening would be required to a select few reinforced concrete columns in the lower levels of the 20 storey building.

Remtech were engaged to undertake the strengthening process which included the fabrication and installation of a number of steel columns with thicknesses exceeding 40mm on some members. Alternate columns were strengthened utilising the traditional reinforced concrete jacketing process (essentially thickening the existing dimensions of the column).

Once completed, the newly installed structural steel columns were pre-loaded utilising a hydraulic jack and manifold system in a 4-stage loading process.  

Location: Wollongong NSW

Duration: 6+ Months

Completion: 2023

Structural Steel Columns

Fabrication & Installation

Column Jacketing

Form Reo Pour (FRP)


Hydraulic Jacking

4 Stage Loading Method


Lost Time Injuries

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