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Regent St, Chippendale

Roof Membrane & Facade Remediation Project

This building, located close to Central Station and UTS was experiencing major water ingress issues throughout the roof, balcony and facade membrane systems. 

The existing facade featured polystyrene based architectural mouldings which, over time, had been destroyed by very persistent birdlife, creating a hazard to the public domain below. 

The remediation works included the full replacement of the existing membrane to the entire roof and a select few balconies. The old facade mouldings were also replaced with new GRC (Glass reinforced concrete) mouldings and the facade given a new membrane coating. 

Location: Chippendale NSW

Duration: 8+ Months

Completion: 2023

600+ m2 

Roof Torch-on Membrane Replacement

2,000+ m2

Facade Membrane Coating

1,000+ Lm

Architectural Facade Mouldings


Lost Time Injuries

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